CityGrid Media - Hard pushing sales, no follow through, deceptive practices, debits to bank account after cancelation

San Diego, California 0 comments

The sales person pushed VERY hard in order to get me to sign up. I signed up and got very little follow through.

They supposedly drove loads of traffic to a page ON THEIR OWN SITE related to me but not ONE of those came to my actual site (pretty suspicious huh?) I asked them to cancel the account over and over again and they assured me it was cancelled (and also assured that the refund I requested was coming) but they kept debiting my account. I finally had to cancel my card to take their hands out of my bank account.

In my opinion, this company is completely void of any ethics and I wouldn't suggest their 'service' to my worst enemy. If a class action suit happens against them, I'm there!

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CityGrid Media - This company is an outright and absolute scam.

New Orleans, Louisiana 0 comments

This company is an outright and absolute scam. It's a Pay-Per-Click service, and not even a good one at that, though it's clearly NOT represented or explained to you that way when you first sign up with them.

We were told that we would be charged $1.80 for every customer walking into our door - NOT for every click on our website. I even asked if this was a Pay-Per-Click service and was told that it was NOT. Seems I was lied to from the get-go.

After closing our account with them - in writing, then closing the bank account that they stole our money out of, and then performing a charge-back on the money that they illegally stole from us, we then received a fake Debt and Collections email from them.

Nice try, but no cigar.

Our response to them was : We will never do business with their company again. We will report any further emails received from them as SPAM. In the event that we do receive any further emails, we will follow up with filing formal complaints with the BBB of Los Angeles (West Hollywood), the District Attorney's Office of Los Angeles, the Attorney General's Office of California, and with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Do yourself and your business a HUGE favor and do NOT deal with this company or any even remotely like it. If there was way to give this company a Zero rating, I gladly would in a heartbeat.

Review about: City Grid Media.

Monetary Loss: $550.

CityGrid Media - Appliance Repair

Los Angeles, California 0 comments

We had one of their dogs called us and spoke to one of our dispatchers, not the owner the dispatch listened to them and after that they send us a bill for $960.00 not some collection company calls us, it city grid collection some black guy calling and does harassment every time! In this country it's better to be honest if you decided to do business!

SHAME ON YOU City Search aka CITY GRID. looks like they don't care about building relationship with their customers!

I hope that one day one of those pro hackers with *** their webpage! stay away they real rip offs

Monetary Loss: $20.

CityGrid Media - Will charge your account for everything!

Topeka, Kansas 0 comments
Not resolved

Starting a new company is a tough process and we are all looking for ways to advertise. I talked in depth with the rep. Michael P. the Senior Account Manager for City Grid Media and he assured me they were like Home Advisor and would only charge my account for leads they produce and it was my responsibility to close the leads. I thought this would be great, because Home Advisor has been easy to work with.

That is not the case at all. They will charge you for every thing they can, even people looking for driving directions to your business. Really, wtf!!!!

Calling customer service has gotten me no where, the rep said he canceled the account and now I am seeing another $600+ charge to my account a month and a half later.

Now I have the hassle of canceling my card and possibly hiring lawyers to get my money back.

Be very weary of this company. They do not back up there words and there lack of action shows allot of deception.

Review about: Account Charges.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

CityGrid Media - Owner


Citygrid said they sent hundreds of clicks to my website but my counter proves they lie. Then I cancell and they keep billing me for another month.

They do not return phone calls, letters or emails. After I had the credit card reversed I am hounded by colloction people. TOTAL SCAM of a company. READ there terms of aggreement and see for yourself what a scam it is.

They I believe a compny set up to rip people off. According to the collection agent they use there terms of aggreement to legally to give the consumer no leg to stand on and do not have to prove they did anything for the money.

Even though I can prove fraud.

Monetary Loss: $800.


Atlanta, Georgia 0 comments
Not resolved

TOTAL RIPOFF. called and claimed to be able to update all our vast info on 100 of 'MicroSites" the deceptive salesman Robert.Vasquez@citygridm… and I agreed to a ONE MONTH ONLY TRIAL and we would reassess after the month. IT was USELESS, not even sure if they even did anything as we never saw any evidence of new calls, new clients, or anything. To boot WE did most of the work updating the data. NO THANKS- END OF STORY. BUT NO, weeks later we began getting billing and collections letters demanding $1000 for the SECOND month (to which we never contracted). Their slimy phone support (if you can get them to answer) said "your told us 2 days after your contract month, so we "auto renewed you" Nowhere in their TOS or agreement is anything that say they can auto-renew without your consent.

My best advise to ANYONE.. Avoid CityGrid like the plaque, you don't get what they promise, they will deceive and lie to your just to get you to sign up... they pretend its your fault for everything they never discussed

Monetary Loss: $2500.

CityGrid Media - Deception & Fraud


I had a very similar experience as the previous reviewer. I signed up for a monthly budget of $850.

We track the source of leads at my company. Not a single lead came from our ads with CityGrid Media. I was lied to by the sales rep who informed me I would be charged on a cost/call basis. When I asked how my credit card was charged $600 for TWO phone calls in an entire month, I was informed that "clicks" charged as well.

Long story short, absolutely zero leads and two months worth of $600 charges. Don't waste your money.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

CityGrid Media - Owner

Houston, Texas 0 comments

CityGrid NEVER explained their service. Never. Not once after browbeating us into signing their contract did they ever show us what is was supposed to do or how it works.

They were so in contempt of us they simply took our money and laughed while waltzing out our door.

After repeated attempts to contact them and set up phone meetings so a representative could show us how it works, we tried cancelling the service and yep! agian CityGrid ignored us and kept hitting our bank account for 'unresolved payments"

This resulted in massive overdraft fees from our bank, who thankfully realized something wasnt right with this company and refunded most of the fees.

Fast forward to this morning when we had $500. nestled in the bank awaiting the state of Texas to draw the money out for a sales tax payment. Right. CityGrid got there first and sucked out the money.

This voided our agreement with Texas and now they are threatening to shut our doors.

So much for lending a helping hand to small businesses, huh?

We have been at this location for years, doing business, being proud of what we do and a blood-sucking company with a scam comes along and bam, we're simply...gone.

We're not only pissed off, were determined to make them pay. If anyone has any suggestions as to how we can make cityGrid hurt, please feel free to let us know.

Monetary Loss: $500.

CityGrid Media doesn't sell advertising

Belvidere, Illinois 2 comments
Not resolved

These yahoos sold me a one-month trial subscription to try their internet advertising. We agreed to a $100 maximum fee and I gave them my credit card. I got my first bill and it showed that I owed over $400. I called Vijay, who sold me the service, and he told me I would only pay the agreed to $100. My card was actually charged $300 and I'm disputing it.

They show false hits to your ad, which is pay per click up to a maximum budgeted number each month. I supposedly had over 400 hits, but not a single call or inquiry from the ad. IT'S A SCAM! I feel as though I shouldn't have to pay for the $100 either since I know none of the hits were authentic.

I've been in dispute with them for over a month and they have yet to respond. A person named Theerasak is now questioning the validity of the price I was quoted and attempting to disqualify my rate for not referring new customers to them. As if I would refer them to anyone other than my State's Attorney.

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Monetary Loss: $200.



I wish you spoke and wrote better English so that I knew what you were talking about. I had a verbal and emailed agreement stating that my price would be $100. Please do continue to look into this, because I'm not paying any more than our agreed-to price.


CityGrid does not practice or support illegal activity in any way.

We do regret that you have not had a positive experience with CityGrid and will takes this opportunity to answer and complaints or concerns about your account.

In reference to your complaint of paying $100.00 this is not something that CityGrid did not offer at the time of your account activation. CityGrid previously had a minimum budget requirement of $299.

The promotion that you are referring to was a credit of $100.00 towards your first invoice. This does not mean that your first invoice is going to only be $100 it is based on that budget that is set for your account which you stated was $400.00.

If your are questioning the clicks that accrued on your account we encourage you to reach out to our customer service department M-F 7a-7p so they can pull the reports that were generated on your account.

We do apologize for and miscommunication in regards to the understandings on your account.we will be more than willing to look into your account for any credits or refunds to on your account if they are warranted and legitimate we will honor them.

We do hope that this information shed some light on your account. for additional information please reach out to our customer service department at (800)611-4827 or

CityGrid Media(CitySearch) Produces Zero Results, Don't Waste Advertising Budget On Theses Scammers

Bolingbrook, Illinois 4 comments
Not resolved

Without getting into too much detail here is what happened:

According to a ton of other articles that I wish I would of read before signing up for this scam, it looks like it happens frequently if not always.

1-They Lie

2-You sign up

3-CitySearch site says you've had tons of traffic

4-They use every penny of what was budgeted

5-The only traffic you actually see is telemarketers which they must give your info. out to millions of them.

6-You are unable to cancel and they charge your card until you contact your bank.


I Do Auto Unlocks and According to City Search Scammers darn near everyone in our county locked there keys in the car that month, what a joke!

Review about: Advertising Seo.



"Perfomance based" was how they got me to sign up, after a claimed 110 hits being charged to me without any calls, and without my website being listed on their citisearch like they promised, I teied to find my own business through their links and was unable to, in fact if I couldnt find it there was NO WAY for a potential customer to find me, let alone the hundreds of clicks they are charging me for.I tried to cancel after two weeks, but they continue to bill me for hundreds more after I canceled, and they never provided me with any service whatsoever. What a nightmare for a small company trying to get started, dont trust these liars!


stay away from city grid media


I see CityGrid needs a full time employee to fend off all the negative comments and complaints to the BBB.

C'mon us business owners are told about the advertising like it is better than google adwords. That is bogus. Your sales reps give us business owners a switch and bait.

Then we get threats of collection agencies coming after us because we didn't return calls. Well sorry CityGrid reps didn't return my calls for data as to where the clicks were coming from.

If I get a collection agency notice I will be naming employee names here. It must suck to work for this company that has no morals.


We apologize if you do not feel that you received a return on investment from your past CityGrid campaign. We have found that customers have cancelled in the past due to not taking advantage of the account features that come with their CityGrid campaign.

Remember, your CityGrid campaign is not about generating clicks to your website. CityGrid is like a central database for 100’s of local listings and profile pages on local directories and mobile apps. These profiles, or Place Pages, have become a very trusted source for consumers. You have access 24/7 to review how consumers are engaging with your CityGrid enhanced place pages all across the web.

In regards to the cancellation of your account, CityGrid campaigns charge advertisers until after we deliver connection over the course of a 30 day billing cycle. We honor all cancellation requests and process the cancellation at the end of the customer’s current billing cycle. As such, advertisers can expect their final invoice within a couple days of the end of their current billing cycle.

We encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service team for any additional questions or requests at (800) 611-4827 or M-F 6a-6p PST

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